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NowTV Interview 潮玩科技 on GenAI and Medical Education

Professor Gary Lau and MBBS 2nd year students Jason Chan and Calvin Cheung were recently interviewed by NowTV to discuss how AI can play a role in medical education and also their journey in becoming entrepreneurs with PDF2Anki.

The video discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) is used to assist learning. Users can upload notes or textbook files and the program creates flashcards based on the relevant content and generates a question bank to aid in studying. The Jason and Calvin hope to improve the overall learning ecosystem through the program, while Professor Gary Lau, who helped develop the program, hopes that AI technology can alleviate the huge amount of knowledge that medical students face and introduce more technology to help students grow in the future.

Click here to watch the video:

Click here to learn more about PDF2Anki.

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