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About EdTech & SIMHSE


Director's Message

With the world being rapidly transformed by education technology (EdTech) such as artificial intelligence and other digital technologies, our students need to embrace such innovations and develop the capabilities to thrive in a novel environment as well as the qualities required to contribute to the ever evolving social and professional landscape.


To help nurture these attributes in the future leaders of our society, our teachers have been working jointly with our students through SIMHSE to take forward the Faculty's initiatives in promoting the integration of technological and pedagogical innovations, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies into our professional curricula. In addition to collaboration with students, the EdTech and SIMHSE Team also plays a complementary role to the Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education (BIMHSE) in the promotion of innovation and excellence in medical and health sciences education. Through incorporating technologies into what we teach and how we teach it, we aim to enhance the teaching and learning capacity of HKUMed to meet society's healthcare service needs.

Professor Gary Lau
Director of EdTech and SIMHSE

Our Mission


Empowering students to succeed through transformative education and the integration of technology


Incorporating AR, VR and AI into the curricula, enabling students to actively engage with learning


Enhancing and modernizing teaching and learning approaches through close partnership between students and educators


Promoting innovation and excellence in medical and health sciences education to prepare future-ready graduates for the evolving challenges and opportunities in healthcare

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