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Awards and Grants

We celebrate exceptional achievements in project work by presenting the prestigious Poon Li Wai Hing Award for Student in Medical Education. This award serves to recognize and honor students who have demonstrated outstanding performance and excellence in their medical education projects, providing an additional incentive for students to strive for the highest level of achievement in their pursuits.

In addition to awards, we recognize the importance of financial support for students undertaking EdTech and SIMHSE projects, which is why we offer grants that students can apply for to fund their endeavors. 

Poon Li Wai Hing Award for Student in Medical Education

The Poon Li Wai Hing Award for Student in Medical Education was established in October 2023 to encourage initiatives and recognise contributions in the application of pedagogical and technological innovations and to promote active engagement of students in teaching and curriculum development activities under the Student in Medical and Health Sciences Education (SIMHSE) scheme at the Medical Faculty.  The awardees have made remarkable contributions towards SIMHSE through their creative and innovative ideas, sustained engagement and high-quality work, thus making an impact on the teaching and learning at the Faculty.


  • HKU students from Medical and Health Sciences who have made significant contributions to promote technological innovations in their curricula 

  • For the Individual Award: Full-time students at HKU OR

  • For the Team Award: Teams consisting of full-time students at HKU and supervisors

Method of Application

  • The application period of the Poon Li Wai Hing Award for Students in Medical Education 2023 is now closed. 

Further Information

Student Grants for EdTech and SIMHSE Projects and Initiatives

More information on student grants to be announced. 

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