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"Team Players": HKU Bulletin Highlights SIMHSE's Efforts to Bridge the Digital Divide and Support Junior Classmates in Medical and Health Sciences Education

We are excited to see HKU Bulletin highlighting Students in Medical and Health Sciences Education (SIMHSE), an initiative by the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at HKU.

SIMHSE aims to empower students in the Medical and Health Sciences by giving them the opportunity to take charge of teaching and curriculum development.

Under SIMHSE, students from various disciplines within HKUMed come together to bridge the digital divide and support their junior classmates. Through content creation and peer teaching, they not only help their peers but also prepare themselves for future leadership and mentorship roles in the professional world.

One of the key aspects of SIMHSE is near-peer teaching, where senior students assist their junior counterparts. Near-peer teaching was initiated with the organization of Zoom-based tutorials during pandemic restrictions. Led by senior students, these tutorials cover various topics, including history-taking and physical examinations. The small tutorial groups ensure interactive learning experiences and have benefited over 150 students each year.

SIMHSE has received recognition both locally and internationally. A project on students as co-designers, led by Dr. Mei Li Khong and a team of MBBS students, won a global Bronze Award at the QS Reimagine Education 2023 event in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the team received the first prize at the 4th Symposium on Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education held for universities in Hong Kong.

Looking ahead, SIMHSE plans to expand its reach to include students from more disciplines, to harness the potential of technology and active learning in medicine. The initiative has also sparked a deep interest in teaching among students, with some pursuing intercalated degrees in medical education or expressing a desire to become teachers.

We encourage you to read more about SIMHSE's efforts in the HKU Bulletin article titled "Team Players."

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