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Resource Hub

A collection of teaching materials and guidelines developed in order to facilitate the application of AI technologies in teaching and learning.

GenAI Literacy Video Series

Introduction to large language models and how GenAI can help students learn and study

Presenters: Jason Chan (MBBS II) and Calvin Cheung (MBBS II)

GenAIHKUMed_Series1_for resources hub.jpg

Use of GenAI from a teacher's perspective

Presenter: Prof. Joshua Ho (Deputy Director of EdTech (AI))


Addressing some concerns in utilising GenAI for teaching and learning

Presenters: Dr Olivia Ngan (Research Assistant Professor) and Dr Enoch Chan (Lecturer / Digital Education Consultant)

Addressing Some Concerns for Website.jpg

“High resolution” Electronic Health Record (EHR) studies enabled by LLM

Presenters: Prof. Emmanuel Wong (Clinical Assistant Professor), Prof. Jason Wong (Associate Professor), Ali Choo (Statistician & PhD Student), Eugene Cheng (MBBS Student) and Eric Wing-Chun San (Advisor for Machine Learning Applications)


Current Use Cases and the Future of AI in Healthcare

Presenter: Prof. Billy Cheung (Department of Surgery)


Downloadable Resources


Multimedia Learning Resources

Please visit the Multimedia Learning Resource Centre for more information.

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