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Celebrating Our CEDARS' Awards Victory: CEDARS' 27th Recognition Ceremony

In the spirit of celebration and achievement, we are thrilled to congratulate our exceptional students for their well-deserved victories at CEDARS' 27th Recognition Ceremony. Their exceptional accomplishments and dedicated contributions have been officially recognised by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS).

We congratulate the 4 candidates nominated by HKUMed for winning Category A – Achievement Award for Co-curricular Excellence Award by HKU CEDARS:

  • HO Tsi Lok (Robert)

  • HUNG Yuet Yi (Charmaine)

  • LAM Hin Lai Ivan

  • NG Sheung Chit (Chris)

Additionally, we extend our warmest congratulations to the remarkable recipients of the Category B Award – Distinguished Service to the Community [Group Achievements] by HKU CEDARS for their project entitled “Students as Co-Designers – Formalising Student-Educator Partnerships in Curriculum and Pedagogy Co-Creation”:

  • CHAN Hei Man Winson

  • NG Ka Yu Justin

  • FOK Jing Chen

  • HO Ka Chun Clement

  • LEE Ka Ching Monica

  • WONG Kar Yiu Odelle

Each year, CEDARS hosts a Recognition Ceremony to honour and celebrate students who have excelled in co-curricular achievements and endeavours, as well as those who have made sustained contributions in co-creating a vibrant and impactful student life with CEDARS. This ceremony serves as a tribute to the outstanding achievements and exemplary attitude of our finest students, inspiring the entire university community to learn from their dedication.

Click in the link below to learn more about CEDARS from their website:

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